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About G1 Test Multi-Language

In Canada, passing the G1 Test is the first step toward obtaining a driver’s license. It is a fact that in order to pass the test, you must study and practice. However, there are currently insufficient resources available to assist the enormous number of newcomers and non-English speakers who immigrate to Canada. Therefore, we devised a solution that would benefit everyone. This is what we came up with… a G1 Multi-language Test Preparation tool that is designed for individuals who are still not comfortable studying for the G1 test in English. The major goal of this initiative is to provide relevant resources that give the learner the opportunity to study the G1 test in their native language. Furthermore, enhance their learning in English and the G1 test. This will make the learner feel more at ease and increase their confidence in taking their test.

About G1 Test

All new drivers in Ontario must take a G1 knowledge test (also known as G1 written test). The official test is created by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO )

On the official test, you’ll have multiple-choice questions in two section (20 for road signs and 20 for rules of the road)

Is the G1 test timed: No

How many questions are there: 40

How many questions can I miss: 8

How many languages is G1 offered in: 24

How it Works

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